reset pin and aref pin related

Hello, I am new to microcontrollers. I recently tried the "Arduino to a Microcontroller on a Breadboard (8Mhz)" method and it worked great. I am wondering if I need to connect the RESET pin and AREF pin. I left them unconnected and it seems to work. But I'm worrying some problem may crop up later on.

Please help. thanks.

if you dont need analog then you can leave aref alone, reset you "can" leave untied, as it pulls up, but its not the best practice

as a rats nest of loopy wires make home on your bread board stray capacitance and bouncy signals can cause headache later on

Agreed. In general, it's best to pull RESET to +5V with a 10K resistor.

Thanks, I added a 10k resistor. Left aref alone cause it seems to cause lagging.