reset web panel password (solved)


So, i forgot the webpanel password..

I tried to reset the wireless thingie, and revert it back to AP, so I can enter the "web control panel"

It asks me for the password, but the default one doesn't work.

Resseting the wireless won't change the webpanel password back to default?

The question is:
How can I reset the web panel password?

opkg update  
opkg install coreutils-sha256sum
echo -n arduino | sha256sum

default password is "arduino"
"775e9f944188a7bcb36e9ca5dc51672b44bcceeb7d56d89dfb914eb3a1ff2d69" is sha256 of "arduino"

nano /etc/config/arduino
config arduino
        option password '775e9f944188a7bcb36e9ca5dc51672b44bcceeb7d56d89dfb914eb3a1ff2d69'

Re: Enable REST commands from shell command line

It still doesn't work

I changed the root password
I ssh'ed into YUN
I nano'ed into /etc/config/arduino

changed it to

config arduino
        option password '775e9f944188a7bcb36e9ca5dc51672b44bcceeb7d56d89dfb914eb3a1ff2d69'
        option wifi_reset_step 'clear'
        option secure_rest_api 'true'

And when i go to (yun's ip) I get the "welcome to ... please enter your password to access the web control"

And it won't accept arduino as password


or Power cycling Yun.

tried that, reboot, unplug/plug back in, the password still wouldn't work.

Ended up reverting yun to factory settings.It seems that it works now.

the revert-to-factroy-settings script didn't work, it would flash the wlan led on and off for ever, and nothing happend.

Someone said to use the sbin/firstboot command then restarted the yun, that seems to work.

The web panel password is as same as root password at OS, for some reason Yun's team decide not use PAM api, but UCI api to hold hash sha256 of root password.

if use


to change root password and web panel password will be out of sync.

echo -n password_of_root | sha256sum

Put that hash into "/etc/config/arduino" should sync it back.