Reseting a incremental variable in the loop

Hi everybody,
I’m having the following issue: I’m reading values from an accelerometer and I want to light up an LED only when a incremental “loops” variable will go over a set value (in this case 50). Right now, with the code below, if I move a little bit the accelerometer and stop it, “loops” will go to let’s say 35 and if I move the accelerometer the second time, it will continue from 35, go to 50 and only then reset to 0.
I want it to reset to 0 after each move, so I can use it as a threshold.

int loops = 0;

void loop() {

adcResult = < reading coming from accelerometer sensor >

	if(adcResult > some_threshold_value){		
		loops +=1;

		if(loops > 50){
		  analogWrite(ledPin, 127);	
		  loops = 0; 


It seems simple, but i can’t get to make it work :frowning: .

And if you add somethig like:

	if(adcResult == 0){ // if it sotps
		  loops = 0; 

to the loop() function?

I'm embarrassed, it was that easy :-[ Thanks a lot :slight_smile: