Resetting Arduino v. resetting Max7456 OSD


I’ve been using an Arduino 2560 for my project and have written in code to use Sparkfun’s Max7456 Breakout Board for an on screen display. Once I got my libraries/code sorted out, the display works very well.

However, occasionally when powering up, there is a video feed but no display overlay. I can solve this problem by cycling the power, resetting the arduino via the button on the pcb, or a combination of the above.

I would like wire an external button or switch to do this reset, since my controls will be buried when the project is completed. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out how to do this without probably soldering across the reset button on my arduino, which I don’t want to do, since I figure there is probably another way.

I have tried resetting the OSD board by grounding the reset pin for a moment, but that always returns a blank screen. So, I have the following questions, if anyone can help out:

1: Is there a way I can wire an external switch to the arduino to reset it (the equivalent of pushing the on board reset, but further away) without soldering to the board switch contacts?

2: Am I missing something with the OSD reset? What is the function of this reset?

I’m thinking the reason for the difficulties may be a sequence of powering on my devices, as it isn’t as seamless as it will be in the future, but I’d still like to figure this out.


Just a tought
Have u got a 10K resistor on the max bob from 5V to RST?
That's what i've seen in some schematics.
Btw i'm also trying to get an osd to work, but no luck.
I'm trying to follow this:,8785.0.html
Would you be able to post your code?