Resistance between two capacitive sensors

Seeduino Lotus
Mini Breadboard
Grove Touch sensor (2x)

For a project I want to create a product, that is activated when two different persons both touch a different touch sensor. The product should not be activated when one person touches the two sensors. So, I want to research if both situations create a different input. I want to do this with a “resistance measurement” between the two sensors.

  • If one person touches both sensors, the resistance is lower than if it were two different persons (unless the two persons touch each other).
    To simulate this I first used the Seeeduino Lotus and two Grove touch sensors. But the Grove Touch Sensors do not provide an analog signal. So, I have to create the sensors and build the circuit myself. I do have a mini bread board, but minimal knowledge...
    Do you have advice how to approach this research?
    Thank you in advance!

I think you may have problems in getting this working , worth a try with two , but it might stop the capacitive action working as you will end uk with both sides of the sensor connecting to the Arduino .
Try it !

The option is to use two switches some distance from each other so one person can’t reach both !

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As these are capacitive and not resistive you may have chosen the wrong sensor.

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks… Tom… :slight_smile: