Resistance information

Hello guys. I need one information. I have a one board. And i found one resistance is short. And i had tried to buy it new. But didn’t found same resistance. Its 5 band colors(balck green black gold green) resistance. And I don’t know with what resistance i can change this resistance.the Thanks

I don't understand what you're asking. Please provide more details.

Shah88: resistance is short...
...Its 5 band colors(balck green black gold green)...

Are you saying that is is measured 0 ohms?
Are you sure about those colors?
How about a picture of the board?


Maybe a Google for resistor colour code will help you.

I have a one board.

Do you mean an Arduino Uno?

Never seen any colour coded resistors on an Uno.
Need a picture.

Don't think I've ever seen a resistor with the first band being black, but it's possible that is a 5 ohm resistor, which would measure close to a short on a meter. Resistors rarely short when bad, so I suspect the resistor is not your problem.