Resister Module on DS18B20

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I just want to ask if the resister module in a ds18b20 sensor makes the readings accurate . And do i still need a PID controller if i already had this resister ?. Thanks . Hope you can help .

The pullup resistor is absolutely required. All one-wire devices pull the data pin low for a logic "0" and floats high for a logic "1". The size of the pullup resistor depends on the capacitance of the data line. If the voltage on the data line is low for more than 10us, some devices on the bus can be reset. A pullup resistor of 4K7 is a good starting place.

I have no idea what you are asking in question 2.

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The DS18B20 sensor as noted by @SteveMann is a one-wire device, the communication is with a digital signal, not an analog level.
The DS18B20 has a library you can use to communicate with the device.

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