Resol VBUS adaptater

Hello dear community
I am working on system regulation project , one of the many features i’m working on is storing data coming from a Resol DeltaSol C4 regulator, the data delivered is in what we call VBUS protocol to make this data readble by the arduino board i had to make an adapter from VBUS to UART using rx port for serial communication. I wrote a skecth based on vbusdecoder library , everything worked fine until now, i made a pcb and changed my comupter hence i re installed everything from the begining ; it is like as if my code gets stuck somewhere and i can’t figure out why or where ( stops at vb.readSensor () instruction )
here is my code :
#include <VBUSDecoder.h>

VBUSDecoder vb;
char data ;
void setup()
Serial2.begin (9600);

Serial.println(“Arduino debugging started”);

void loop()

if (Serial2.available ());
data = ();
data = vb.readSensor();

Serial.write ( ());
Serial.println("*** Start ***");
Serial.print("Sensor_1: ");

to have more information on my app here is a link of a similar project :
thank you