Resolution scales

Hello my dear, I ask your help for a project.

Well, I have a precision scale (not so much precision) it has a scale of 0.01g to 200g, it turns out that I wanted to modify it using an arduino, I wanted to get a smaller scale, around 0.001g.
I can’t find a 50g load cell for example, which would have a higher resolution for smaller weights, so I thought about changing this trade balance that I have.

So I ask, I see that people use the HX711 converter module to deal with this, but would it give me the resolution I am looking for of 0.001g? in parallel it would be possible to amplify the signal with OpAmp ?? to get that scale?

thank you for your attention.

You can always amplify a signal but you also amplify all the garbage along with it. What are you going to actually amplify, you have 24 bits? It would help if you posted a schematic, not a frizzy drawing of your proposed circuit. Also include links to the external hardware that have technical details about it.

I want to amplify the signal coming from the load cell.
I’m going to use a 24-bit HX711 converter, I don’t know if it will be enough, because my load cell is 200g, and I want to be able to measure every 0.001g.
So I thought about amplifying the load cell signal with an operational amplifier, before injecting the signal into the Hx711, that makes sense to you.
I still don’t have any circuit designed, because I don’t need to define it before.
Anyway, I already bought the HX711, as soon as I start testing and see if it will be necessary to amplify the signal.

Well, no, you cannot really add an amplifier to the HX711, either you use it as it is or you assemble an precision op-amp circuit with a 16-bit ADC.

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