[RESOLVED]dht11 library

i was reading up on the dht11 interrupt driven library. what does that mean? i learning about the dht and just want to run it on my mega, i just don't understand what that library is and how it is different from another library. should i use it if i am just learning about the sensor?

Better start with a "polling" library and if speed becomes a real issue you should have a look at the interrupt driven version.

Considering a faster sensor can also be an option
Check - Arduino Playground - DHTLib - for a DHT lib that is tested on several platforms.

Thank you. But I see there is a .h file and .cpp. Which to use? Or do I use both?


To use the library, make a folder in your SKETCHBOOKPATH\libaries with the name DHT and put the .h and .cpp there. Optionally make a examples subdirectory to place the sample app.

I see, didn't read that well. Thanks for the help.

So I have the sensor physically set up, but what I don't understand is what to do next. I include the library but for some reason it just times out. then I am looking at the dewpoint example, but that does'nt seem to make a lot of sense either. It says to make a .h file for it, but if it is an example, why would i do that? wouldnt i just copy and paste it into the IDE and compile (which I did but the first error is the dewpoint(10, 50) was not declared. So to make a long story short, how do you set this up to run and test. I have normal temp sensors here and examples to use, but I know the DHT is different. How to code it to run, i have'nt the first clue. Any help would be appreciated.

which library are you using?
please post link to lib + code

Rob, I am sorry for not getting back to your question, I am using the dewpoint example, but not sure s to how to use it. Do I just make a file and place it in the library with the others? If so, How do I use it?, Basically I just dont know how to set the code up in the IDE. I am trying to test this sensor, but havent the slightest idea where to start.
What I did first was copy and paste the dewpoint example into the IDE and compiled it but only got errors. Probably not the proper way to use that code?