[RESOLVED] How to send ASCII data through USB port to be saved by PC as text?

I want to send data from my project through the USB port to the PC, to be saved as simple text (such as by Windows' NotePad.exe).

And I don't want to have to write any special software for the PC to do this. Instead, I want to use free software anyone can download for the task (unless there's a technique to do this without downloading anything).

My project can send any text, no problem. It's how to get the PC to receive it I'm needing to learn.

I'm sure this has been done many times before. Can someone point me to instructions for it?

Perhaps there is a way to make the PC think it's looking at an existing "text file", and simply "download" it.

You can do this with “RealTerm”


See also Megunolink ~$30.00


Thanks guys. I looked at the above two programs and read about them. Then Googled key words on their pages which led me to a page titled "Saving Arduino sensor data to a text file". That in turn led me to the link "Arduino Playground - GoBetwino". GoBetwino can be downloaded here, and is like the above programs, except the non-Arduino features have been removed to make things simpler and just right for the Arduino.

However, there is still setup to be performed to make it do what you want. Too much for me, since I was wanting customers to be able to simply open a program like NotePad and click to download the data they need without having to actually "think" about it. (You know what I mean.)

Well, my project already uses SD Cards, which can be moved to the PC to write data. So for me, I believe that's still the easiest way. The fact that the above programs have been written and promoted, tells me there is no super-simple NotePad-like way to do transfer the text. So I'm satisfied I have the best answer.

Thanks for your help!