[Resolved] Open a DHT22 Sensor

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with a DHT22 sensor,
when I plug it on arduino it cuts me the complete power supply,

so i wanted to open to see the welds, opening i see or i feel that it is missing the moisture sensor?

when i look at the pictures inside the DHT22 there is a solder chip, but here I have a small white carrer :slight_smile:

is the sensor correct or I miss the moisture sensor? thank you in advance.

isn't that yellowish dish to the left top the moisture sensor? That black blob looks like an NTC, so that'd be your temperature sensor.

Hello Wvmarle and MarkDerbyshire, thank you for your answers and for this beautiful image clearly showing the inside of the DHT22 sensor.

When I look at my sensor I do not see the same thing, the sensor that I have is different, there is no probe to wet as in the example image of Mark, I miss it this sensor ?

I apologize for being an amateur and thank you for your support, Karma and respect for your help, greeting.

Both sensors I see in MarkDerbyshire's image I also see in your sensor.

I thank you wvmarle for this information, so the problem must be in the circuit DHT22 and as it is seal I think impossible to settle the case, Thank you again, good luck.