[RESOLVED] PT100 Information

Hi everybody this is the scenario:

Class A PT100
Arduino uno or Mega

Scope: Read the Resistance Value from PT100 like did with a normal tester and then calculate the Celsius with this formula.

T° = 100*1,00388/Resistance Value Read (Ohm) * 100 °C

Well what I’m doing right now is with a Multimeter connect the 2 pole of PT100 to the Multimeter and then read the Ohm on a tester and with a table do the conversion. Well it’s more or less clear but to be honest i don’t know how to connect to arduino. I’ve read several article with several manner, but what i would like to found is a simple circuit and the replicate the same function like tester.

could be enough the circuit in attachment ?

Could you help kindly me ?

Thanks in advance,

In case of needed please follow