[RESOLVED] Uno Out of Service Can he relive


My Uno R3 is no longer recognized by any PC after making a mounting error. My mistake was to mount modules and change the code, which the USB port of my PC and the USB port of Uno did not appreciate, the 2 USB ports of my laptop and Uno serial USB are out of order.

I will buy a USB Hub for the only USB port remaining on the PC :frowning: out of service outputs gives a value of 2.2V instead of 5V.

My question, is there a solution to restart the Uno ?
I have a ftdi module can it replace the USB serial port of Uno and so use normally ?

Here is the error message from Arduinodroid
“Failed to Open Serial: CMD Faild Send [init # 1]”

If there is a solution for example with module ftdi or others? Otherwise if no solution I take your advice to find out how. I apologize for the mistakes I use a translator, Sincerely.

2017-12-12 10.45.51.jpg

With no enough voltage to fully power the board you wont be able to do much until you get your USB hub in place (which should have a decent quality power supply of its own)

Most laptops of the newer generation will reset the USB ports after being powered down fully and then turned back on.
If you truly blew the USB ports you need to step back and work out what you did wrong.

Any solution depends on what you had connected and how (schematic needed) and if the Arduino suffered any damage.

Once you have USB available again connect the board with NOTHING ELSE ATTACHED and see if you can communicate with it. (see LOOPBACK TEST topic at top of this forum)

If you can all is good.

If not you would need either another Arduino or ICSP programmer to see if you can still load sketches. If that fails then it is a dead board.

Hello ballscrewbob, thank you very much for your help i will follow your instructions.

Before everything fails, i did a mount using Shield 1602 with connect button with an I2C module and I2C module to Uno pin 5V - GND - SCL - SDA, a 2 channel relay module on Pin Uno 11 and 12 (5V + GND set on beardboard powered by Uno 5V + GND) and the DHT 22 on Pin Uno 4 (5V + GND on beadboard).

The problem arose exactly when i wanted to mount the DHT22, after having mount Pin 4 on Uno and GND on beardboard at the time of inserting the 5V of the DHT22 all the operation it is to stop more contact nor led nothing any more 2 second then i immediately remove the 5V.

Everything worked again but when i want to insert the 5V of DHT22 all stops. The problem started at this time, my Uno was no longer recognized by the PC and trying every time with USB I grill the 2 USB 2.0 ports of the PC. What an adventure :slight_smile:

Thank you and Karma for your guidance I will follow your advice, cordially.

Yes Super ballscrewbob !!!! It works, the Uno is well recognized after your advice (see LOOPBACK TEST topic at top of this forum)

Thank you 1000 times, now 1 problem is set i still have 2 USB ports that this time indicates 3.7V instead of 5V :slight_smile:
I am happy for the Uno, Thank you again Karma.

Thank for letting us know you are up and running.