[resolved]VirtualBox and Yun on Mac OSX using Visual Micro to debug

Hi there! Has anyone done programming of the Yun in a VirtualBox image on the Mac? I'm asking because I would like to use Visual Micro on my Mac for doing Wifi-based debugging sessions with my Yun. Doing this for my Uno board worked perfectly but now using the Yun over Wifi it is not detected in the VirtualBox image. Using the Mac native Arduino IDE, it will find the Yun.

Edit: Found that the reason was a not properly configured VirtualBox network setting. What helped was the following article http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=188101.msg1554795#msg1554795 plus changing the VirtualBox Network Setting to "Bridge Adapter". Now I can use Visual Micro in a VirtualBox image with Win7 and VS2010 to debug Uno and Yun over Wifi.