Rest API gets slower and slower and finally webserver hangs...

Tonight I tried to continuously send random data (although for now with a fixed key and length), and expect the other side to return the same data. I measure the time until that succeeds. I let it run for about 8 hours and did about 30000 put/gets without the bridge as such getting slower. So I do not think it is caused by the bridge as such.

From Roque But when two or more request from the clients to the php script collide, then all stops. I have to manually restart the uhhtpd to get it working again.

The solution was to increase the maximum number of concurrent requests in the web server configuration file. In my case, it is enough with 4... Maybe this helps

based on your results I was thinking about my attempts. I had actually always more than two sometimes four clientwindows open and the automatik php script what runs every minute by cronjob my collide with them too. Seems this is also my problem I will test how many clients easily run on my projekt.

I'm still struggling to reproduce this weird issue. I was unable to run olivb sketch and simon one is calling an api, instead than serving one OttoF or anyone, can you give me a complete project (with every needed ino or py), so that I can stress test it?

Hello Federico

i do some test and give you my project tomorrow.

at the moment the webside on linino seems to be stable but the arduino side sketch hangs. that makes me crazy :-(

Hello, I'm doing very intensive tests with standard Brigde example. I'll post my results :) So far I works fine for about 8 hours.

Hello @ all

i am still work on this, at the moment it runs for nearly 12 hours after this sometimes the arduino side and one time the linino side hangs. soon i will give you my projekt

installed new ide, my project now runs, its great i can go forward.

great! thank you!

Guys I've installed the new IDE but in my case the Yun keeps hanging after a while...

Any hints?

I'm extremely frustrated with the Yun's behaviour.

Can you give us more details

my project works well at the moment. works with php5, sqllight, some php webpages on linio witch read an write to sql and 32U4 cronjob every minute what read sql datas and transfer them to 32U4 in 7 parts with 10 bytes

only wlan hangs yesterday one time but every thing else works.

@OttoF, many thanks for your reply.

In order to simplify things I’ve decided to start a new topic reporting the full issue:

looking forward to hear your thoughts…