Restore arduino uno

Hi guys I could use some help

I made a sketch all went great then I uploaded my sketch and burned it to a attiny
All works great
Now I want to change my arduino back to normal settings to continue writing more sketches

Any advice on how to do this would be most appreciated

If all you have done is to upload a sketches via USB (Sketch -> Upload), then you don't really need to do anything except when you are ready, just upload a new sketch. It will simply replace the previous one. If you do want to get the Uno back to a default "factory" state, just open the IDE, File-> New and upload the new blank sketch to the Uno.

If you have used an AVR programmer then in order to be able to upload sketches via USB again you might need to burn a bootloader: Tools -> Burn Bootloader.

The ATTINY isn't specifically an Arduino so I am not sure what you want to revert to what ?

All you need to do to reset (most) boards is simply upload your new / next sketch which will overwrite the last one.

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I compiled a sketch and wanted to make it permanent
So i have used my arduino uno as a isp to burn a sketch to a attiny microprocessor
All works fine and my arduino is now completely unplugged from the attiny

My problem is now it has completed i want to revert my settings on my arduino uno back to what they was before changing the to burn bootloader and sketch to the attiny

Its alright guys thanks for the help

It was just a case of changing the boards and processesor