Restoring functionality of a board with a broken USB port

I have been using the DFrobotshop rover board here , it contains an UNO, and I have been using it successfully. Unfortunately, the mini-usb port was not soldered on very well and ripped off, stripping the connections to the board, making it impossible to use a USB cable any longer. Aside from waiting for a replacement, Is there a simple way I can send programs to it using the Arduino IDE on my pc? I’ve googled a bit and found some information about ftdi and using isp pins, but they all seem to be have more complicated goals than simply restoring the basic functionality that the USB cable offered. Would an ftdi cable such as THIS work for sending information in the same way as a USB cable? Thank you for any advice you can give.

You could look up where to connect a USB to serial converter to your board. You need power, RX, TX and somewhere to connect RTS/DTR to the reset line.

Are you sure you cannot make connections to the remaining tracks? If you could solder in the cord from a dead mouse, drill a couple of holes through the board and secure it with a zip-tie ...

Yeah, just use an FTDI board or other USB serial adapter that breaks out DTR (many of them don't, though on the CH340G ones you can solder a wire onto the DTR pin. IIRC FTDI uses a package with finer pitch pins, so it's harder to get on that pin to add your own wire if it's not broken out - though most FTDI ones do break out all the pins)