RestServer for Arduino Uno


I am working with one project which involves instrumentation and, in my case, I chose to make a power meter. But as I need to get the data without a computer I thought "Ah, it's okay. I just need to put some REST Server lib at my Arduino and an Ethernet shield and it will work".

Well, the problem is that is not too much libs for REST Servers and the ones that I found are too heavy for Arduino Uno (which is my model). So I decided to make an optimized REST Server for my Arduino.

As I worked with some web projects using Laravel and Express, I chose to create something similar. So I created a "route-oriented" REST Server.

You just need to add the routes that you want to the RestServer object (with the addRoute(METHOD, NAME, CALLBACK)), implement the route function callback and then put a at the loop(). I uploaded two examples at the project page.

Well, the github project page is

By now It is only working with Ethernet (because it is what I've here). If someone wants to add Wi-Fi support, it would be great. Any suggestions would be welcome.

PS.: I am not using the official Ethernet Shield, so if you are you need to change the UIPEthernet.h to Ethernet.h at the examples.