Result of the program are not stored on the SD CARD


I create a program to count the cirlce to opening and ending the door. This program give also days, months years and the time (hours, minutes, seconds). Finally, all these statistics should be stocked on the SD Card.

My problem :
The program is correctly uploaded on the SD Card. The programm is correctly executed on the serial monitor but statistics are not checked in on the SD Card. At the end statistic doesn’t show up.

I want to know why nothing is writing on the SD Card while the programs work independently of each other, but once merged they don’ wok anymore.

I send my program.

Could you help me pleased, to find the solution.

Thanks a lot.

programme_final_fini_.ino (2.72 KB)

Which SD card shield or module are you using?

Does the example CardInfo sketch work?


Thanks for your answerd.

I send in attachment a picture of the shield. My SD card is a simple SD Carte Transcend micro sd adaptater. It’s a basic SD card.

The example CardInfo sketch works alone but not wtih the final program.

I Hope you can help me because this project is for obtaining my diploma.

Thank a lot.

Can you post your code?

Why is the filename 11.3? Should it not be 8.3 (8 characters name and 3 characters extension)?

dataFile ="statistique.txt", FILE_WRITE);

GolamMostafa Thanks for your answer.
I will done your instructions and test it tomorow.
At the end I send you the result.
Tank you.

My programm works well done. Thanks a lot for your help.