Resurrecting a bricked XBee

Hi, I'm struggling to save a pair of series 2.5 xbees, and I'm wondering if anyone could help. I'm currently unable to communicate with the xbees through x-ctu. I've scoured the sparkfun and arduino forums and found a lot of guides on how to reset xbees. I've gone through most of them but have had no success.

The closest I've gotten is, after checking update firmware, I programmed the modem, but when it gets to "setting AT parameters", it pops up the info box again, only this time I can't get the box to go away.

Another outcome has been that the "Setting AT Parameters" step resulted in an error that my parameters are out of range, even though I put in parameters that are currently set on my working xbee. (I did however put in 234 for pan ID, should I be putting in 0x234?).

I've tried writing in API mode and not, but I'm unable to communicate with the module through the Test button and I can't communicate using +++ on the terminal.

I was ready to conclude that the model is bricked if it wasn't for the fact that I can write the firmware (and that the green rx light on the fdti board blinks indicating reverse communication) and even once got the AT parameters to write (though that didn't change the fact that I couldn't read or communicate with the xbee).

Is it bricked? Does anyone know a clever way to restore it to life? (Speaking of restore when I try that I get a weird popup about different firmware versions that continues to popup indefinitely until I crash xctu and take out the fdti).

Any help is appreciated.

The best way I found to rescue my xbees when I thought I had destroyed them, was holding the reset low, hitting the write button then waiting 15 to 20 seconds before releasing the reset, sometimes it would not work the first time but eventually it would work.

Best of luck.