Retransmit 433 signal by CC1101

Hey, i want to manage my 433 Mhz remote control power strip by Arduino. I was able to read remote control signal by rtl433 SDR and it looks like this:

Remote control has two two buttons On and OFF for every outlet, it looks like when button is presset followig data are transmited

[00] {25} bb aa cc 80 : 10111011 10101010 11001100 1

where first two bytes are constant , third is a number of button, a last bit constant as well.
When button is released remote emits data equally opposite do data that was transmit when it was pressed.

Nad that is where my knowledge is ends :frowning: i have an CC1101 module, but no idea how to use it to send those :(. I will be indebted for any clue.

take a look at this:

use that and rc-switch, that 433 code looks like it might be rc-switch compatible if you are lucky it can pick up the code and you are set.

if that don't work try the cc1101 code in there to setup the cc1101, but use IRremote to try and pick up the code as a raw signal, that you can then transmit with IRremote

the cc1101 with the right setting are a very low noise receiver and I have used this method in the past when I just need something to work and don't have the time to make something myself...

try that first plan C is to take the transmit code from rc switch and modify it to transmit that signal with the cc1101 settings from LSatan

remember the cc1101 likes 3,3v vcc and 3,3v level signals and a 100uf+ cap close to it don't hurt either
Best of luck

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