Retrieve Automotive data from my GM truck

I keep coming back to this topic as i have yet to find a working solution for my project, this is more personal ability to gather the information and depending on how accurate and trustworthy it is, use it to keep maintenance history on the truck.

Back before 2017 i had some "Cypress" OBD boards that i was working with, then Hurricane Harvey happened and lost all my electronics, so started looking at the adafruit OBD cable and sparkfun can bus boards but no matter what i could never get actual data out of my truck.

All i want to try and accomplish is polling my truck for basic information, miles, oil change %, tire pressure and maybe even some CIL errors if any ever occur.

Ultimately id like to be able to have it setup with a wireless board that can transmit or be pinged to get the data once I'm home in the driveway.

Can anyone offer suggestions on boards, cables or examples on how i can get this out of a 2017 Silverado? Im not asking for a full working solution, although that would be nice, as long as i can successfully poll the truck and get any valid data back, would be a perfect starting point.

I have had great luck with the Freematcis OBDCII adapters.

Which model are you using? I was looking and maybe [Freematics ONE+ Model A] would do what i need?

I have in use several Freematics OBD-II UART Adapter V2.1 (for Arduino).

You might consider ordering the right angle adapter along with your device. Most of the time I am able to fit the Freematics into the OBBCII spot in the car and close the access door. On those times when I cannot close the access door, I use the right angle adapter. Keeps the Freematics adapter from possible leg impacts.

If you dont mind me asking, what kinda of data are you able to poll from your car? I know every car is different, if anything if i could get the current miles from the truck, that would a good first step for what i want to do.

data from the various automobile sensors, speed, rpm's, fuel consumption info and so forth and so on.

Download the Freematics library. Open the library .h and .cpp files. There you can see the list of codes and what those code are for.

Awesome, looks like ill be trying somethings out pretty soon.. thanks for the suggestions and info.Ill post back if i can get it to work for me.. :slight_smile:

Im looking to make the purchase in the next few days.. Any chance you know if it would work with a NodeMCU board? I have a few of those and like that its easy to connect to my network. If not thats cool, i have plenty of uno boards laying around i can use.

I use the Freematics devices with ESP32's. If it has a serial port and can receive and send serial info then the MCU should work.

awesome, thanks, ill be reading up on the device and buying this weekend.. thank you again.

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