Retrieve the Bluetooth on a headset !

Hello everyone,

I currently have an Arduino UNO. I also had a bluetooth headset that I was useless, so I had the stupid has the bright idea to remove to get the bluetooth that was it. So I saw several things on the circuit this headset. First, turning I could see different "points of solders"such as "RX, TX, Test, CLK, MOSI, 7, 8, 5, 1V8 ...". So I immediately thought of linking it to the Arduino when I saw the RX and TX. Questions: -Is it possible to make a shield'm home with this bluetooth headset? -Do I have to reprogram the bluetooth headset for use with the Arduino? -Do I get the Datasheet to try to reschedule?

Ps: The Bluetooth Headset is a Blue TalkR. PS2: I would put the pictures soon so you can see how it looks.

Thank you all smiley

There is an exceptionally small chance you can use the headset in this manner. The chip used in the headset is designed to be a headset and only a headset.

The RX and TX test points you see are likely the RF signals and not any kind of digital signals.

Lastly, there is probably nothing in the headset that can be flashed. Given the size and power constraints of such a product, nearly everything is done in a single chip and designed to be OTP (one-time-programmable.)

Ok, thank you. So you think that it's impossible...? These shield bluetooth are very expensive :~

I have an other question, can i use the computer's bluetooth with my UNO to communicate with an arduino bluetooth ? (the UNO have just to received and read and the arduino bluetooth send or the unlike)