Retrieved sketches from reformatted computer and they are displaying incorrectly

I had made a mistake and did a clean install of windows 10 without retrieving my precious arduino sketches first and so I used a data retrieval tool in hopes that I may still find them and I did. Overjoyed that my countless hours of work had been redeemed I saved them to my flashdrive and opened them only to find some scrambled nonsense had taken over where I once had legable written code, I further tried to save the files to my computer directly, open them up only to find the same scrambled nonsense, I tried opening them on different desktops, same problem.
The interesting thing is that only the sketches that I custom built are scrambled, I had saved some example code I downloaded offline and those files still display correctly. Please help, so much work and I could not find any solution or someone else with my same problem through searching online. I attached an example of one of the files that does not display properly which is suppose to be some very simple servo code

quad_leg_ard_test.ino (5.04 KB)

If your *.ino files are corrupted.
You'll need to go in manually and clean them up.
If you had backed up your Windows 10 hard drive using some sort of cloning software this wouldn't be a problem.