Retrieving data from arduino

hi , i've got a problem ... i was working when the power shutted down ... and i've got just an old old save of my work, but i've updated the arduino just 2 mins before the blackout ... is there a way to retrieve data from the arduino ?

Yes there is, but no, it won’t look anything like your sketch.

well how it looks like ? assembler code ? :D

No, just binary/hex.

anyway to get it back to something more readable ?

No, not really. The compiler will have reduced your source to machine code, and may have done some optimisations in the process. Even if you point a disassembler at the code, it will still be a pretty manual process to reconstruct the original C source.

than ill write it back, and ill write also an autosave into the arduino ide :D

Consider purchasing a UPS also. Mine has saved me more than once.