Retrigger and hold bool value for certain time

Hello guys

I need to re trigger a bool and hold it for some seconds before it comes down to 0 again .

lets say i have a button when i pressed becomes 1 if i release the button it should remain the 1 for 3 seconds if i press one before the 3 seconds it will retrigger so remain 3 seconds before 0 again. something like a monoflop.

Some years ago i think to remember there was a library that was doing that , maybe i,m wrong and it was the opposite with bounce.

anyone remember that library name or a quick way of doing this ?


hi , in the end i did it using the stopwatch library like this :

#include <StopWatch.h> 

 bool Test = false;
 int SensorValueThr=400;
 int TimeToDie=5000;
 int SharpSensor = 0 ;

if(SharpSensor > SensorValueThr)

Test = 0; 


else if(SharpSensor < SensorValueThr)


if ((ContadorActivo.elapsed() > TimeToDie)&& SharpSensor < SensorValueThr){

Test = 1;



You could do it using millis() as illustrated in several things at a time.