Retro Game High Score Board

Hello everyone!

I am mildly experienced in programming and arduinos, having done a few projects involving the Duemilanove being controlled by a Visual Basic interface I created back in college. I wanted to use my new Arduino Uno to make a cool display board I could update with the names and scores of players who got high scores on classic arcade games we frequently play like the snes version of Mario where you can't input a name or initials for high scores.

Ideally, I was going to setup an interface for inputting and updating high scores for individual games (probably mysql database displayed with a php webpage spruced up with css, since it's what i'm most experienced at) and having them displayed either on an LED matrix or a monitor connected to the uno.

I'm trying to figure out the best route to go. I got this pretty elaborate kit which includes an lcd screen, a 4 digit 7 segment display and an 8x8 LED matrix. I could also rig up an old monitor or something to display it. Ideally I want this to be on a wall or windowseal.

I'm leaning towards using a scrolling display with the LED matrix, but I don't think an 8x8 would be sufficient to display in a way I would like. I think it would take at least an 8x24 setup, but from what I have seen doing research that display is ridiculously messy.

Any feedback, advice or direction from more experienced persons would be great.

  • Joe

"ridiculously messy"? Get some MAX7219s and check out the parola library for driving multiple 8x8 matrix displays.