Retro Phone with speech recognition "Number Please?"

I've been mulling a new project. I'd like to build a retro phone that would be voice/speech controlled. When you pick up the microhone you would hear an (MP4) operator say "Number Please." After a few second delay the caller would voice enter either the phone number or the party they're calling.
There is no problem sourcing or building the phone, or dealing with the arduino and speech recognition. The problem is moving from the speech recognition to interface with the phone system. I.E. convert the voice to pulse or tone. The arduino speech recognition generally only outputs an off/on (high/low) to a pin. Not much help. At one point there was a modem/fax RS232 board available that might work as a solution, but they're not generally available, and converting an old modem seems like a lot of work. I've considered trying to use a bluetooth connection to the internet and then somehow connect to google assistant (remember this all has to come from the phone) and using the assistant to dial. Most programs I've looked at are designed to do the opposite: use your cell phone to control the arduino. The other alternative might be is to use cell module.... So to summarize. Need relatively simple hardware that is voice activated and speech recognition to enter an actual phone number when prompted and then dial out. Any ideas or has someone already designed this? I've spent two days searching the internet and haven't found a solution.

The arduino speech recognition generally only outputs an off/on (high/low) to a pin.

I would change the Arduino source code so that the output would act differently, like pulse a relay N times for digit N. That, with appropriate timing, is about all that is required for pulse dialing a single digit. Tone dialing modules have been available for decades, and could easily be hacked.

You may find this retro rotary phone build of interest.