Reusing an LCD advice

Hello, So I had a phone like the one pictured bellow that I took apart and wanted to try to harvest some parts. I was able to save the LCD screen and I want to see if I can use it with arduino as a display. It has 12 wires that come out of it. I am wondering if there is a supported protical with that type of display and if I could get it running on an arduino. Thanks for your help or interest in this project in advance.

If you can't find a data sheet for the display, it is not worth the trouble. It takes a GREAT DEAL of equipment, skill and time to figure out how an unknown display works, and it usually has to be in functioning equipment. Furthermore, most displays with special symbols, like the ones in the link, are not Arduino compatible and require driver ICs.

You can buy many kinds of displays that work with Arduino for only a few $.

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I agree with jremington, unless you have a datasheet, it will take a lot of effort to figure out how to use the display. Even with a datasheet, controlling the display with an Arduino would likely take a lot of work unless you can find code written for the same display.

There are lots of nice displays available these days which don't cost a lot of money.

This OLED is currently one of my favorite displays. I think it looks nice for the price and it can be used to display text or graphics. Below is a photo of the OLED (I used an aluminum wallet as a project enclosure). Adafruit has a nice Arduino library to use with the OLED.