Reusing obsolete alarm motion sensors

I was left with about 10 obsolete motion sensors once they upgraded my home alarm.

There are Pittway 01 N5309V3 Rev.A wireless sensors.

I can see the motion sensor but have no ide how to gut it so I can use it as a sensor with my Arduino.

On the sensor is printed K809.

Any ideas? :confused:

Does this help?

I was thinking in the lines of just hook up to the output, but they're wireless.

Gonna be hard. You have to know the frequency, the transport layer, and the data protocol to do anything useful. Then find a receiver that can communicate with them. Possibly this are proprietary protocols even.

I'm afraid it's not worth the effort.

Quite happy to convert it to wired and hook it up directly to my Arduino

Start looking at the schematics of the thing.

If you don't have the schematics, forget it. Just get a handful of SR501 sensors instead.

If you are still going to use the sensor as a sensor then perhaps best left on the same board with the required bits to fire it up and you could perhaps just pickup off the data pin that went/goes to the transmitter.

Just find and decode the data line and perhaps it will give you various other states of trigger that you can also use.

I guess if you could find something with a receiver on it then they would make fine wireless sensors.