Reverse engineering characters to ascii

So I’ve got this code (See below) that turns characters to ascii, which works great but I want to make it so that it turns ascii to characters but I’m completly lost. So if anybody could tell me how to modify the code or do it for me (I wont mind :wink: ) That would be great.

void setup()


  char string[] = "abd";
  char buffer[4 * sizeof(string)];
  char* buffPtr = buffer;

  for (byte i = 0; i < sizeof(string) - 1; i++) {
    itoa((int)string[i], buffPtr, 10);
    buffPtr += strlen(buffPtr);
    *buffPtr = ' ';
  *buffPtr = '\0';


void loop()



in the code above you use itoa() to convert an int to ascii

you can use the opposite function atoi() to go the other way

turns characters to ascii

It prints the decimal representation of ASCII characters, which you can also do using Serial.print() alone.