Reverse Engineering Ford 5000 RDS Radio LCD

it’s a mid sized display with 8 cool alpha chars, some numeric digits and some custom glyphs

it’s featured on a lot of models of ford stock radios but with different glyphs and setups, i’ts i2c controlled and works at 5V so interfacing with an arduino is piece of cake :slight_smile:

some models can be:::
4050 RDS
4600 CDR
5000 RDS
5000 RDS EON (that’s the one i had… super common unit)
6000 CD RDS
6000 MP3
7000 RDS

those are not rare and considering that people often replace em with CD\MP3 units there may be a lot lying around

control chip is apparently a PCA8576D there’s a datasheet online (that it’s surface-stuck on glass so be careful when handling, the LCD has an header so you don’t need to desolder it, be careful even with pins)

after an i2c valid-address scan i found a response, then googled it and voilà 8) (of course i analyzed the circuit before) then made a sketch for lighting up one pixel at a time to know matrix arrangement

there are also some “cool” power amplifiers on the radio, they are marked as “70039AB” that are instead TDA8566 (currently using one of em on my mini amp)
…and also a multiple voltage regulator that isn’t that fancy but anyways it’s marked as “70530FB” but it’s instead a TDA3609

i’m posting different sketches:::
one is a digit scanner (with a button?.. i don’t remember, some time has passed)
one is a script visualizer via serial monitor (just write something and it will display it)
the other one is a dumb clock and also a script visualizer (it may need the “i2c master library”)

there are also some JPGs for pixel map (other radios may have different “glasses” (or even controllers))

sorry for my early coding :slightly_smiling_face:

…a bit of tags
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