Reverse engineering IR unit

This is a challenge for me to do, and I am willing to put as much time as needed.
Back ground: I had a blade-less fan that was very noisy and I wanted to fix it. It used an AC motor and I want to change it to dc extremely quite motor. But the issue is try to reverse engineering the IR unit. And the following part is the main issue of the post..
Here are the details:

The unit has IR receiver. and TWO modes of operation:

A- If you do not want to use the IR remote there are TWO button One for On/OFF and the other to move the fan Left or right.As for the speed it has a pot to adjust the speed of the motor.

Of course it uses TWO AC motors one for the airflow and the other (heavily reduced rotation speed through gears to swing the fan direction of airflow)

B- Please ignore anything to do with the mechanics because I want to concentrate on the electronics of the IR unit

C- The reason I mentioned the "manual" mode is because it provides the SAME commands to the two motors. and THAT What I am interested in

D. The second mode is using the IR remote with the following 4 buttons

  1. ON/OFF
    2.Speed UP
  2. Speed Down
    4.Swing Initiate / swing Stop. So, pressing it, the fan cycle left then right ( the second motor)

Here are the important info about the IR control unit

It has SEVEN wires connected to the main board ( which I will replace)

  1. Ground
  2. Speed
  3. ON/OF
  4. swing
  5. LED to indicate the the fan is ON ( the led is in the IR board)
  6. IR captured signal
  7. 5 volt

The reason for the post is to decode the signals GOING out based on the commands given.

For example if I press the ON/OFF button on the remote a signal is send to the MAIN motor to start and the speed is as the pot stands at that time.

If I press UP a command is sent to INCREASE the speed .....
If I press the swing a command is sent to the other motor to start swinging....

I will stop here and hope for two things:

  1. Forget it ...It is not worse the effort ( even if feasible)
  2. some questions to clarify..what I really wants help for.

So you are going to replace the controller board with an Arduino?

Make up an IR receiver with an Arduino and see what the codes the fan remote sends out looks like .

If this is a Dyson type bladeless fan , then the motor used is quite specialised and runs at very high rpm - you might not be able to reproduce that, and the project could end in tears.

I wish I had a Dyson...mine is a bad clone.
The plan actually is to use this IR control module and build an Arduino for the MAIN BOARD; that controls the two motors.

I did that easy part and I have the codes from the IR Remote.

I think I made an assumption that need to be corrected:

The signals in the wires are a MIX of INPUTS ( like the IR wire) and OUTPUTS ( like the speed and the swing)
to the main board for controlling the motors ( and these outputs are what I am after)

I could be totally wrong in this respect.

With the lack of schematic Is it possible to catch what these pins do when I press the remote ???

As for the tears I am ready !!!

One thing I tried and failed is this:

I attached the Speed wire to an analog pin; rotated the pot by hand and I got values accordingly.
BUT when I use the remote speed up or down the values are the SAME.

By the mere posting to you guys...the logic of this control unit is becoming clearer
Here what I THINK happening:

Everything is done by the MP (MICRO PROCESSOR!)

These so called output wires are merely a trigger ( manually or by the remote)
They are HIGH and when either pressed OR use the remote they go low.

The IR remote has a repeat code (FFFFFFF) to indicate the switch is pressed and hold.

All I need now is to put up my sleeves and start crying.....Just kidding