Reverse engineering single use fiberoptic device.

Hi all,
I hope this is not to much off topic , in case please excuse me
During my work I use about 3 or 4 of this device every month .
It is single use only but after a normal disinfection procedure will be safe to be used in non medical settings.
It consist in a camera a pair of led , connected to a tablet through a proprietary connector, I would like to find a way to use it connecting to a normal tablet or a video monitor

Here is a vide of the device for your curiosity
[video 2](- YouTube video 2)

inside there is a board

Right side camera side
Left side Monitor side
The central upper contact 4MHz-GND and VOUT-GND goes to camera

The chip is 24LC08B datasheet

Here an article that my help

Anyone can help me?

Thank you

Looks like what is used for a colonoscopy. Since you should know this is an Arduino forum, do you have an Arduino question. You should have already discovered an Arduino is way too slow for real video processing.


Thank you for your answer, it is used mainly for endotracheal intubation it is a fraction of diameter of a endoscope for colonscopy.

Even if Arduino isn't capable of processing video signal , maybe someoncould point me in the right direction , or the right forum . This is the only forum I thought could be able to answer me at the moment. If my bost boter you , excuse me .