Reversible ESC for BLDC Moto


Can anyone recommend a cheap Bi-Directional ESC for a Brushless DC motor?


Might need to know the specifications of the motor to be able to recommend an ESC.

I'm considering using this motor

That looks like fun. What are you trying to do?

Some model boat esc 's are reversable..... i.e. One direction variable from centre up and other from centre down on rc tx. So where does the Arduino come in?

I'm trying to create a gimbal for a camera which is why I will need a reversible ESC

Look on Ebay worldwide for "Two-Way 10A Brushed ESC Speed Controller" it`s cost about $4,50 whit or without brake function.

I think 10A(15A peak) is more than eough

Weight :9g
Dimensions(LWH): 23216.0mm
BEC :5V 1A
Input signal :PPM
Driver frequency:2KHz
Li-Po :2S


Sorry my mistake.
I didt see its about a brushless motor

Can I use a brushed ESC for a Brushless motor?


So that doesn't really help me

The spec on the motor gives a max current of 26 Amps. I think that means you will need a 30A ESC. Perhaps this model would work:

I could be wrong, but my understanding of brushless gimbal motors and their use as a camera gimbal is NOT compatible with RC hobby ESCs.
RC hobby ESCs turn motors very quickly. They are intended to drive motors continuously to drive a propeller in an airplane or a gearbox of a car.

The drive of a brushless gimbal motor is different, more like a stepper motor. It applies current all the time, even when at zero RPM, to hole the camera still. It moves very slowly.

Here is a link that shows how it is done.

I mostly follow what is being done there.

So I'd be better using an H-Bridge?

Just get a board that is designed to handle the role as a gimbal controller.

In that link, he uses a triple H-bridge. one for each phase of the brushless motor.
And some electronics.
Often, you want a gyro too.

As @justone points out, there are boards ready to go so you can go that route.

Can you tell us more about your project? How are you planning on using this?

I'm doing it for a project in school that is worth 60% of my final mark for the subject. I need to use an Arduino rather than a controller as I need to program it. So I was thinking of using the MPU6050 for the gyro and then have 3 Brushless motors for the 3 axis

Seems a rather complex project for a beginner. Would you not be better looking for a simpler project. Just that I can imagine your getting bogged down( much like now) and asking for outside help to get anywhere near complete. Then the project is not your work and you are only cheating yourself.

The spec on the motor gives a max current of 26 Amps. I think that means you will need a 30A ESC.

The specs also say

Idle Current: 0.05A/10V
Resistance: 9.5Ω

And that's even printed on the motor.

I would not say I am a beginner, this is my 4th year doing the subject that the project is for and I have quite a few of the skills I would think I need to complete the project.