reverting from ch340 back to 16u2 driver

Good day,

I bough a mega2560 with wch ch340 usb to serial and installed the driver from arduined. All seems to be working just fine, also with the ethernet shield.

My question is how do I revert to the 16u2 driver (to use the 16u2 based cards)? I guess the driver is specifically designed for the firmware loaded to the 16u2 to make it operate as serial to usb thing but i don't know where to find it except of reverting win to my restore point or reinstalling the ide :(

Thanks for your time

win 8.1pro

You shouldn't need to revert. They're two separate drivers. Installing the CH340 driver doesn't uninstall the ATmega16U2 driver.

Thanks for bothering.

When ch340 is installed, tools>port stay greyed and device manager, in Ports, shows ch340. Only ch340 boards are visible


Do you uninstall the driver of your keyboard if you plug in another USB device? :wink: USB is designed to handle multiple devices at the same time, even of the same type. Devices have NO notion of each other.

Then you have
a) The ch340 plugged in
b) If the ATmega16U2 is also plugged in then
b1) OR it should show under ports as well (and all is fine)
b2) OR it appears an unknown device (with a ! in front) and you have not installed the driver. Do that and it will work
b3) Non of the above which means that you have a broken board/cable/USB port etc.

Thanks Septillion. Indeed now the two boards are recognized when connected to the PCs usb

Curiosely the ch340 seems to be working ‘better’:

  • No strange character when sh^M @38400
  • does not complain that com is not available which repeats until I disable re-enable or unplug re-plug