Review of Deuligne I2C LCD Shield

LCD without losing half you pins!

Thanks again for your review,

As I have used an I2C screen a few years ago, so I have a few questions:

How is the speed of the display? How many updates per second ?

Are there jumpers for the I2C address? (would allow multiple screens on the bus! )

Does the library have a good set of "commands" like CLR_SCREEN, CLR_EOL, GOTOXY(x,y) etc?

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I would like to know those things robtillaart asked to, because for now, i'm just using an other Atmega328p as an output for the LCD, connected over I2C to my actual Arduino.
This shield seems to do the same thing but with a different chip.

(my cost = 7,5 euro for the atmega328P kit + 11 euro for the LCD screen + 1,95 for the protoboard = 21,5 euro)

The shield uses one of these:

Which will be a lot cheaper than an 328. In fact they are 80p at Farnell.

The library that they provide replicates all the standard LCD library functions.

There are no jumpers to change the I2C address.