Review of DS1307 Libraries and Sample Sketches

I am new to the Arduino as well as to C++. I started by seeing what I could get to work with the cheap DS1307 Real Time Clock. They are cheap, not particualrly accurate, and readily available through eBay.

The first few steps were confusing: so many different libraries, so many sketches; each seemingly with variants and corrections that were hard to follow because, being ad-hoc development by an open community, there was no version control or set of standards to adhere to.

Before long I began collecting quite a few library folders. After a while I forgot which ones did what, which had useful bits, which did not. For my own benefit I started to document them.

The result is the attached document (which stands at draft status) which I am sharing. The aim of publishing is to try and get some feedback from more experienced members regarding any shortcomings or errors. The former I may not do much about (because for me the document has now served its purpose); the latter I want particularly to address before releasing a final version.

Any comments and feedback will be welcomed.

DS1307 RTC Libraries and Examples v2.1.pdf (1.74 MB)

Did you find the one I reworked?

I added access to the RAM on the RTC chip and made some fixes in the Arduino Library.

I do not recall your contribution - but if you can send me the link to your latest version I shall be more than happy to add it to the document to appear in later issues.

Regards, Ric