Review of siplified Version of Arduino DUE


I'm developing a Soccer robot for the Robocup competition, I choose to implement the Arduino DUE electronics in our own pcb to make it simple and smaller, and also to link devices without any wires, just one pcb for everything.

I made a schematic based on the Arduino DUE board in Altium, and simplified/removed some stuff i wouldn't need...

I know everything has a reason to be there in the Due schematic, but as we don't have access easily to some components we choose to simplify it more (remove some noise filtering inductors/capacitors).

Also, as switching regulators are REALLY expensive in Brasil, we changed to linear regulators (LM7805 and LM1117). I based the schematic on the Ruggerduino board.

What i'm asking is a "review" of what we have done, to go to the next step, that is "do" the robot electronics without any (or a few) mistakes...

Here is the schematic of our core: Here is the real Arduino DUE schematic:

I apreciate the help! Thanks, Ivan Seidel

Please double-check the 16u2 crystal frequency against a real Due if you have one. On my Due, the crystal for the 16u2 is 16MHz, not 12MHz. (The main crystal for the SAM3X is 12MHz.)

Hi, Are you shure? In the schematic it's saying 12Mhz... but what matters most is the package of crystal, is it the same? (I'm going to desolder and solder on my board all the components of Arduino DUE.


Good kuck in the Contest... That is a project unlikely of success... OR at least there will be any number of heat damaged parts unless you posses professional level desoldering equipment and the prerequisite skills in it's use. Desoldering an SMT part without that equipment is an art, having the part work is luck.


When i get it done i send you a video.

Good luck desoldering that main SAM chip ;) Wouldn't want to be you. All the other parts are easy with a half-decent hot air rig and vacuum tweezers, but removing million-pin QFP's is not my idea of fun.

It's a job for ChipQuik's magic metal alloy. Amazing stuff. Of course, the cost and availability of the ChipQuik kit is probably worse than the SAM3X chip itself :-(

You know, I keep forgetting that stuff even exists! I really need to put in a requisition for some at work... Thanks for the reminder!

That's really awsome! exacly what i needed =] Thanks a lot.

I also found some "special" nozzles for hot air workstation, they fit just perfect in my workstation too... Thinking of buying it (costs like 20$)