Revisiting the WIZNET WIZ811MJ

Just got a WIZ811MJ Rev. 1.1 from Sparkfun and connected it to my Arduino UNO R3 (below), and using the WebServer example sketch to test, but I get only “server is at” and resetting the UNO doesn’t change anything. On the WizNet811mj, I get steady green and flashing yellow lights. I’ve tried adding my gateway and changing the mac address and ip, but no difference. I’m using USB to power the UNO, but added a 12V supply to the power plug, but no difference there either. Here’s my connections for reference:

J1-1 (MOSI) to D11, J1-2 (MISO) to D12, J2-1 (3.3) to 3.3v, J2-3 (SCLK) to D13, J2-4 (/SCS) to D10, J2-9 (GND) to Ground, J2-2 (/RESET) to Reset

So, is there a way to check communication between the UNO and the WIZ? Any thoughts on making this work?

Ok nevermind, jumpers were way too long, shortened them all to about 7 cm and everything works as it should. Now sending data all the way to Cosm.