RevolverMap... SOLVED- please test?

Has anyone with a webpage served from an Arduino tried incorporating the free visitor tracking widget from RevolverMaps?

Details and demo of one on an "ordinary" web page at...

Can't think why it should not work, but I haven't done much pages- served- by- Arduino work yet, and my little server (running in an old Arduino with an Atmel 168 is... a) 3,000 miles from me at the moment. b) Pretty "full"... the 16k or Ram in a -168 struggles... but succeeds... in serving a page.

(My mini Arduserver is down at the moment.. but is at...

.. when it is working.)

Well, finally got the necessary hardware for the larger html page in my ArduServer, and yes... you can have RevolverMaps "on" Arduino-served web pages.

Please do not copy the code from my Ardu-page... it would mean that your hits AND my hits would appear on each other's globes.


... for ArduServer with RevolverMap.

(Please do, as it will test whether it is WORKING! (Seems to, but who knows??)


(Running in an Arduino Uno + "official" (recent version) Ethernet Shield.)