Rewriting Paul Gibsons GM 700R4 sketch to work on a TH400 trans

Paul gibsons Gm700r4 thingaverse #3374540 is great. I need help on rewriting the sketch to accommodate a TH400 trans. I am new to the ardurino family and I need help in adjusting the sketch. Can anyone help? thanks SRH

Perhaps if you described and showed the part where you are stuck, someone could help.

The sketch is written to display the shift pattern of the GM 700r4 transmission, which is P R N OD D 2 1. The shift pattern of the TH400 is P R N D 2 1. I am new to the program writing . I see the areas of the sketch that describe the pin output. Should I approach the rewrite from eliminating the OD but do I have to reapportion the gearcharSet one and two for the other selections? I want to learn this so point me in the right direction please.

prog-shift-ind-2019-v1.ino (14 KB)

So, you are only concerned with the display part of the program. Before expending very much effort, do you KNOW that the original program works properly? Have you tested it?
Can you compile the original program without errors?
Do you have the ability to test the modified program?
And, finally, why do you not make the temporary changes you suggest and try it?

I have tested the original program and it works fine. The program compiles without error. I have a duplicate setup on a breadboard that works properly and I can test with that. I didn't want to change many things without understanding the basics of the change.

ok, then comment out the line that you think shows what you don't want to show and test it.

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