Rf 433 and analogWrite problem

Hi, I got communicate 2 Arduino nano by Rf 433 receiver and transmitter. After that I have tried to control some dc motors using l293d motor control chip. For communication i use virtualWire lib (and have tried rcSwitch lib), using analogWrite(PWMpin, m1_speed); line i try to set motor speed. If i pass to analogWrite as second parameter 255 or 0 it is work fine, but when i set speed something like 125 after that my arduino do not want receive any data no more. I know that "VirtualWire takes over Arduino Timer1, and this will affect the PWM capabilities of the digital pins 9 and 10.", i know that my Arduino has 3 timers and 6 pwm's and i know that analogWrite use timers too - so i use just 3 - 11 and 5 - 6 pins as pwm's but they do not work too. Please help to solve problem!!!

Perhaps it is radio noise from the pulsed power to the motors. You should be able to tell by disconnecting the motors. If that makes the communication work again you can be fairly sure they are too noisy. Look for instructions for quieting electrical noise in DC motors. This might include putting a capacitor across each motor or maybe using shielded wire.

I think the problem is with timers because if use value in analogWrite not 0 or 255 then timer begin to work in other case it outputs LOW or HIGH respectively:

void analogWrite(uint8_t pin, int val)
        // We need to make sure the PWM output is enabled for those pins
        // that support it, as we turn it off when digitally reading or
        // writing with them.  Also, make sure the pin is in output mode
        // for consistenty with Wiring, which doesn't require a pinMode
        // call for the analog output pins.
        pinMode(pin, OUTPUT);
        if (val == 0)
                digitalWrite(pin, LOW);
        else if (val == 255)
                digitalWrite(pin, HIGH);