rf 433mhz and buzzer

I want to make my first project using Arduino and rf 433mhz to turn on the buzzer, then turn off the buzzer with a push button. how to do it? please help me. thanks for any reply.

please help me.

OK. Radios are for communicating between two devices? The Arduino is on one end, with the switches and buzzer. What is on the other end? What is it going to do?

receiver and the buzzer are attached on the first Arduino, and the second Arduino attached transmitter and push button. how to turn on the buzzer? and silence the buzzer with a push button?

when the first Arduino gets voltage, immediately turn on the buzzer. and if we want to turn off the buzzer sound, use the push button which is sent by the transmitter in the second Arduino and sent to the receiver in the first arduino.

Sounds like you have gotten the project parameters defined, so what have you tried so far?

these helped me out, you'll have to add the button and buzzer plus some trial and error probably though.

good luck!