RF 433mhz code

I have used virtual wire, to successfully turn an LED on and off as well as blink, but my next attempt, is to have three momentary switches,, which each "select" a different function, the idea being, that When I press the first it blinks every 200ms, when I press the second one it blinks for 500ms and the third for 1000ms, I could incorporate it into virtual wire myself, but is there anyone who could help me? Without virtual wire?

So basically to change the blinking on say pin 13, using 3 momentary switches controlling 3 different types of functions.

How is VirtualWire supposed to be involved in blinking an LED?

Wirelessly transmitting data which tells it will blink in a certain manor

You still have to transmit the data, so you need virtualwire for that.
So send 1, 2, or 3 over.
Receive 1, 2, or 3 and act upon it accordingly.