RF 433Mhz troubleshooting

I'm trying to make a couple sensors for my staircase lighting. So if you step on the first stair the lights go on. I'm doing this with a ultrasonic sensor that will be hooked up to a arduino mini pro (3V). The arduino will send a signal to the main arduino that will controll the stair lighting. To send the signal i want to use a RF pair. I bought these but i cant seem to get them to work (link to the RF pair I bought).

So my problem is with the next little circuit:

This circuit monitors the voltage of the receiver on my laptop. The problem is that when I power my transmitter the value isn't changing. The voltage output is always 0.00V or 3.75V even when the transmitter is off.

I put the receiver and transmitter next to each other so I don't need to use a antenna (I'm gonna do that later when this is working).

You can't just send a digital level (voltage) across.

The transmitter must send training pulses and coded data.
All of this can be done with a library, e.g. rc-switch.
Examples are in the IDE after installing the library.

I downloaded the library and used the transmit and receive examples (SendDemo and ReceiveDemo_Simple). But when I look at my monitor I don't receive any messages. In the SendDemo are some other options you can choose but I don't know what they mean. Maybe I need to change something dare??

Ok tested the receiver with a remote that I had laying around. And that worked so I think that the transmitter is the problem.