RF 433Mhz With RCSwitch is not getting any signal

I have a 3 RF receptor (433Mhz) and i have several remotes here that send RF signal. I follow all the instructions that i read in this forum to connect and receive RF signal using the RCswitch, but until now i don´t get any message in the serial and i already try with 3 receptors, 2 arduinos and several remote control and sensors, i even get a single message on the serial. Can someone point me a way to just know if my receptors are or not getting any signal ?

Can you upload the sketch (between code tags, use the '#'-button).
Can you make a photo so we can see how it is connected ?

To receive something with the RCSwitch library, you can start with the advanced example that came with that library. It will show the protocol and timing. But if your remote transmitters use a (slightly) different protocol, the RCSwitch can not read it.