RF Blimp (2 motors 1 psu and 1 RF unit)

I got this schematics (sorry if its very confusing)
The N Transistor on the far left its representing the RF module (data, VCC, GND). Basically i got 1 7.4v LiPo battery branching off to power the arduino and the 2 motors. Theres probably tons of stuff wrong. I connected it as i showed in the picture and even if i dont connect the battery to the arduino’s (promini) RAW pin thee arduino lights up (only got pin 12, 3, A3 and GND connected). I am afraid of burning it. (i know theres a lot of errors :frowning:

Thanks in advance

Please show us the circuit diagram, including the battery and other connections. I suspect that you didn't mention the USB connection, that powers the Arduino.

Your FETs may be killed, when connected to a motor without protective (clamping) diodes or snubbers.