rf-communication and rfid


I'm trying to integrate rf-communication with rfid in my project. I want it to be possible to scan a specific card and then the rf module sends a signal to another arduino. When the other arduino is receiving the signal it activates one of his programs. For example if I scan card A a red led turns on and when I scan card B a green led turns on. I already have these separated modules working but when I want to combine it, it doens't work. I have the Mfrc522 rfid reader . I'm using the library of Michael Balboa: https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfid. When I combined my sketches I found out that the command vw_setup(300); (to set the dataspeed) causes a problem. When I upload the program it doesn't response on any card. It think this problem is caused by different data speeds. Or is it something else? Does anybody know how to solve the problem? Thanks

(I'm sorry for my bad english)

When I upload the program

What program?

Links to the hardware would be good, too.